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Missing 2021 520 N MD520N
Missing 1994 520 N Helicopter
Missing 2021 520 N LN113 is currently in CDC being fitted with customer options.
Missing 2018 520 N ISO
Missing 1992 520 N MD 520N, S/N LN013, TG-HWK
Missing 2015 520 N MD 520N YELLOW PURCHASED NEW 0:0 HRS AUGUST 2015
Missing 1998 520 N Police Helicopter
Missing 2007 520 N Police Helicopter
Missing 2014 520 N Police Helicopter
Missing 1996 520 N NOTAR Description The multimission Aircraft. Ready to go with perfect remaining component times, best in track, only flown by high time pilots on type. ...
1999-twin-engine-turbine-helicopter-520-600 1999 520 N Beautiful low time machine, presented in "As New" Condition. Please Contact us for Component Times and Further Details - or +64 2...
1992-single-engine-turbine-369-600 1992 520 N This MD520N is in immaculate condition and runs very well. New fan straps, recent M/R overhaul, M/R Blade overhaul and master re-balance, new K sha...