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Missing 2016 530 F IOMAX USA INC MD530F
1980-single-engine-turbine-369-d 1980 369 D EX-Prism 369D
Missing 1987 369 E MD500E
Missing 1985 369 E MD500E
Missing 1984 530 FF Search and Rescue/Training
Missing 2000 369 FF 530F Patrol Aircraft
Missing 2015 530 FF Patrol Aircraft
Missing 1979 369 D 1979 Hughes 369D,TT only 785 since new, properly preserved,ready for inspection.
Missing 1998 520 N Police Helicopter
Missing 2007 520 N Police Helicopter
Missing 1984 369 E N911CP
Missing 1987 369 E purchased used in 2012
Missing 1991 369 E N454JH was purchased used in 2009
Missing 2008 369 E Purchased New from MD. Delivered in 2008
Missing 1981 369 D N11056
Missing 2014 520 N Police Helicopter
Missing 1996 520 N NOTAR Description The multimission Aircraft. Ready to go with perfect remaining component times, best in track, only flown by high time pilots on type. ...
1977-single-engine-turbine-369-d 1977 369 D This is an immaculate low time 500D, near new carpet, Will be supplied with a fresh 100 hourly/annual inspection, New Aspin Glass Panel and all Ga...
1990-single-engine-turbine-369-e 1990 369 E Originally from Japan, this is one of a dozen MD500E's imported in the late 90's to New Zealand and it has been a solid and reliable work horse. Ma...
1987-single-engine-turbine-530-f 1987 530 FF The 'F' Model is the epitome of power and agility in the MD line. Favoured by the worlds military for special op's this is a rare and powerful ligh...